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Write a 2 page essay on Nursing Article critique.

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Although, they have not mentioned anything related to time geographic location of the study which enhance the interest of the readers. still the mentioning of the type of intercourse, consensual and non-consensual, improves its strength.

This article does not contain an abstract. As an abstract is summary of an article so it should cover all the important sections of a research article, like: background, the methods, findings, conclusion and implications. It is the quality of a good abstract that the main theme of the research carried out and the point of view of the researchers should be narrated in a coherent way so that the reader could clearly understand this summary.

The authors provide a very comprehensive account on the introduction. They specifically discussed the issues related to the topic with reference to the US. To further strengthen the statements the authors have utilized various sources available. This article does include the section on background. this has been addressed in a short but comprehensive way. Here the authors discussed various terminologies in use by the US department of Justice and the criteria related to the event of a rape.

The authors of this article have tried to address important aspects of the available evidence under the section on literature review.

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