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Write a 2 page essay on Fundamental of International Buisness.

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Investors are gaining confidence despite natural disasters and bombings due to the opportunities presented in the economic reforms. The Indonesian Rupiah is gaining strength against the dollars although its stability cannot really be gauged as of the present. With the country’s membership to global organizations such as APEC, GATT/WTO and the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA), several trade barrier laws have been eliminated and import tariff has been considerably reduced. Even the processing of licensing requirements has been made easier and faster as they move towards the creation of investor-friendly environment. Several major sea and air ports have been opened and free trading zones have been established. Since government is extending its full support to its Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) arm, investors can expect a more relaxed and positive atmosphere as they put up businesses in Indonesia. Bureaucratic red tape is still existent, though, so this is one of the things that we will have to deal with as it can definitely affect our time plan and even our budget.

The country’s location is ideal for trading because it is between Asia and Australia. There lies a big potential for marketing our product especially to countries such as China, Philippines, Malaysia, and of course, Australia.

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