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suppose You are the administrator of Hapless Hospital. Dr. Will Age, a physician specializing in gerontology, is a member of the medical staff at Hapless. Dr. Age regularly examines and treats elderly patients and has come to you for advice. One of his patients, Harry Glint, 86 years old, has a mild neurological disorder that causes blurred or double vision at times. Harry complains that his double vision is worse when he drives at night, when, he says, “the middle line becomes double and I have trouble staying on my side of the road.” The problem is not treatable and it will worsen over time (although changes in prescription of eyeglasses may reduce the problem at times).

Dr. Age has strongly admonished Mr. Glint never to drive at night, and to stop driving during the day as soon as possible. Mr. Glint is adamant about the importance of his driving, which he says not only keeps him young and active, but also allows him to continue to live alone and care for himself.

Dr. Age is worried about potential liability if Mr. Glint has a car accident which injures others. He knows that aside from your management expertise, that you are taking a legal course at TWU.

What are Dr. Age’s liability risks, and what steps, if any, can he take to minimize them?

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