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discuss about juvenile penalty

According to Bartollas, C., & Miller  (2017), children who are under age cannot function as adults; it is for this reason that, both state and international law has taken steps to safeguard the children against their action’s consequences, giving them the second chance.  In U.S , the law prevents the children from serving in militaries and voting, although in some states they are executed for the crime they commit.

The international covenant on civil and political rights (ICCPR) standards for the Juvenile death penalty posits that, the death penalty to be imposed only on ‘serious crimes’ and not upon the minors; this has called for the nations to sign treaty to mitigate death sentences upon minors, however, U.S reserves the right to issue death sentence to the minor and is the only country executing the juvenile offenders. Bartollas, C., & Miller (2017).

U.S have had a long history of executing juveniles, this started in Massachusetts  in 1642; since then, a total of 366 juveniles have been executed. Juvenile death sentence ceased in 2005, during the hearing of the case involving Roper v. Simmons in March 2005, when the supreme court deemed the juvenile death sentence unnecessary and cruel punishment.

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