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These are all necessary for them to maximize performance. The chosen article entitled “Using Recovery Modalities between Training Sessions in Elite Athletes Does it Help? Authored by Anthony Barnett, highlights the wide range, evidenced-based recovery modalities for enhancing between-training session recovery among elite athletes and presented the efficacy for each recovery modality to reduce the severity and period of exercise-induced muscle injury, as well as, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The said modalities are as follows: First is the massage, which is used in the training of athletes and have been known to decrease oedema and pain. Second is the active recovery, a technique based on post exercises to remove lactate. Third is the cryotherapy is used actively to treat acute traumatic injury and considered appropriate as a recovery modality of post-train- modality following training and competition. Next is the contrast temperature that utilizes water immersion alternating the warm-to-hot and cold water. Another is the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves the whole-body exposure to pressure &gt.1 atmosphere while breathing the 100% oxygen.

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