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A.     What was the average Absolute Peak Power for this activity?

B.     B. How did this Peak Power compare to the Peak Power for your lab section from the Margaria-Kalaman stair running test (Peak Power Lab)?

C.      C. Why might there be a difference in power for these 2 different tests?

2. What was the average Mean Power for this activity?

Why is it so much lower than the Peak Power generated from either the Margaria-Kalaman stair running test or the Wingate Test?

3. In the Wingate test (30-sec maximal effort cycling test), what does the Fatigue Index measure/represent?

Why might one person have a significantly higher Fatigue Index than another person?

4. Given the average time duration and power output for the 2 anaerobic power tests (stair

running test and 30-sec cycle test), which energy system was likely the predominant source

of energy for each? Explain.

5.  A. Does the data collected from either test (or both) indicate a difference in the average

power output between the male subjects and the female subjects?

Did this difference occur for absolute power (Watts), relative power (Watts/kg), or both? 

I unlocked the lab report and it has NO ANSWERS?????? ….please advse

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