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On a blank white sheet of paper, sketch a dichotomy chart as a flow chart walking through each of your experiments. The experiments were colony morphology, Gram stain, catalase test, MSA plates, penicillin susceptibility, and sheep blood agar plates. Scan or take a picture, and upload this to the Project Drawing Submission folder. 

In your dichotomy chart, list each experiment in chronological order. For each experiment, branch down to at least two possible results. Write out the possible results, and whether considered positive or negative when applicable. Then, provide at least one bacterial genus that is possible for each result. Lab exercise 9-2 has similar dichotomy charts that can be used for examples (lacking result descriptions though).

This will be graded based on providing the required information for each test, and having correct information. You can use a computer-drawn chart (non-hand drawn) if desired, but you must state that it is your original work.

Upload the image with the later pictures in the Project Drawing Submission folder. Having all project drawings in one file is preferred, but not required. Enter “Uploaded in Submissions Folder” below.

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