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Need an argumentative essay on M1A2-Communication. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

He knew that the organization must proceed with its work no matter what. The operations of the organization must not be neglected in any conditions.

On the other side the way Colleen responded to the situation was because of the influence of her personal life. She had been making plans for her daughter’s pre-school graduation for a week and now she was trapped in an uncertain situation.

The situation would have been better if Ricardo and Colleen would have dealt with it more properly. Ricardo should have made Colleen understand the loss that the company could have incurred if she isn’t there to fill the vacant place of her colleague. Colleen must also understand that uncertainties are a part of life and there would come times when she has to choose her professional life over personal life and vice versa. She must try to balance her personal and professional life. She can make an excuse to her family and must ask her husband to take her daughter to her pre-school graduation. She can also compensate for her absence by taking her daughter for dinner any other time (Louie,

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