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Write out a story about the Tissue Family Reunion which includes the following family members: epithelial, connective, nervous, muscular. All of the tissues have “grown up” and moved away from home. Each now lives in a new place and has their own job and they have come home for the anual family reunion.Your job is write story that details their conversation as they all get together and discuss where they ” live” and what the now “do”. It is your decision as to the format that you would like to use. For edxample you could write story in paragraph that identifies the job and location of each tissue. To help with process, you will want to give each one of your tissue name.

You don’t have to include each specific type of epithelial, conncetive, nervous and muscular tissue.

You will be assessed on:

Correctly identifying the location and examples of each tissue.

Correctly identifying the fuction of each tissue

Correctly identifying characteristics of each tissue

Extra points may be awarded on creativity.

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