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Patient safety is very important in the medical field.Adverse events can result in harmful effect on a patient. This is an area of concern in Australia that improving safety and quality in health care has become a priority in many hospitals. In the medicine field, when surgery or chemotherapy is done it can always result in adverse event on the patient. No one desires to cause it. It is usually quite harmful. An adverse event can be caused incorrect dosage of drugs. There are also times when the dosage is unsuitable.All these can be termed as a medical error. Sometimes it can be termed as a side effect. This is especially when the effect is judged as a therapeutic or secondary. When it results from treatment, it can be termed as iatrogenic. They may occur when treatment is discontinued. Sometimes it occurs when the treatment is increasing or when it is starting.Adverse event’s risk can be increased by using drugs that are contradicting. Sometimes doctors can have a negative prognosis of a disease because the patient has complications resulting from adverse event. This means that the patient will not react positively to the drugs given. A patient that is affected by adverse event has symptoms like weight gain or loss. One of the harmful effects is whereby the mortality of the patient is affected. There can be fluctuations in the patient’s enzymes. When the physiological, macroscopic and microscopic levels of pathogens are checked in a patient with adverse effect it will always show drastic changes. Some patients become totally functionless. 1

All these changes may be irreversible or reversible. Such a patient’s susceptibility to foods, chemicals or procedures may be decreased or increased. It is usually not the initial patient’s condition but it is something that results from medical intervention. Adverse events on a patient are usually unintentional. When it results from healthcare management it is referred to as an injury that is iatrogenic. It is good to note that these adverse effects are preventable especially if they result from management error. This issue has raised a concern on the patient’s safety in Australia. (Zelevinsky, 2001)

Identification of adverse event

It is good to note that adverse events are common and they do occur. One event that happens in Australia involves patients going through caesarean in hospitals. These events are common to women who are delivering. They occur while the patients are in the theatre. 2

Causal factors

There are various causes to adverse event occurring in theatres during operation. It has been noted that the doctors dealing with this section are usually tired because of increase in the number of complications during delivery. Some of them just work 24 hours increasing adverse event occurrence. Some of the surgeons are quite inexperienced in the work which influences too. The doctors can have work and also family related stress which affects their performance. There is so much technological advancement and at times they simply don’t have knowledge in the equipment being used. (Bates, 2001)

How often it occurs

Research shows that these adverse effects are occurring on a daily basis in hospitals in Australia. In fact four percent of the women who go through caesarean section of delivery show report of adverse event occurring. (Aiken and Silber, 2003)


It is always good to report the occurrence of an adverse event when it occurs. However one should know that not all adverse events should be reported. When a reportable one occurs, the relevant people should be informed. So why should they be reported any way It is good because it can help in predicting the occurrences. Using this information the institution can put in place the necessary prevention measures. The recipient of the reports can find out how the adverse event originated. In this twenty first century, reporting systems need to be put in place to help in this process.

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