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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Resturant project (re-write).

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Finally, ways to address the challenges will be discussed. Several factors play their role in the success and growth of a restaurant like convenience of location for the customers, an appealing menu, sufficient funds, good management, recruitment of competent staff, and proper scheduling. Management needs adequate amount of inventory, budget operational expenses, and cost effective supplies to make a restaurant prosper and its business profitable. An efficient information system helps the management achieve this. Information systems are definitely any organization’s backbone since they offer information that users can use to enhance their efficiency and productivity at work. Users also use information systems to have quick access to the data needed for making such decisions as the items to be restocked or excluding a drink from the menu because it does not sell. Information systems play a critical role in the management of a restaurant’s daily functions. Managers can use adequate information systems to keep track of the sales and expenses to help a company minimize its costs and plan for the future costs well in advance. The owner and the CEO of the Favorite Greek restaurant is George. George operates the whole business and is the major decision maker. Kitchen is managed by the chef. The chef oversees how cooks prepare the meals, performs inventory checks, and places the order for drinks and food items with the suppliers. An assistant manager runs the entire restaurant which includes developing schedules for the servers, dealing with the complaints of the customers, and closing the restaurant at night. Orders are taken and meals are served to the customers by the waiters and waitresses. The Favorite Greek restaurant founded in May 2008 exists on George Street, Peterborough, ON. This restaurant that offers lunch and dinner has 14 employees in total. The restaurant also contains a bar to serve different sorts of drinks and alcoholic beverages to the customers. Many customers visit the restaurant on major events and festivals in the town, and the business of the restaurant flourishes. Customers get a great dining experience at the Favorite Greek restaurant. It is an ideal place to visit because of its vibrant ambiance, variety of meals, and friendly staff members. Both locals and tourists can easily access the restaurant since it is located in the heart of downtown Peterborough. Emergency Plan: There is no 100 per cent guarantee that the information is safe. The manager of the Favorite Greek seriously considers this fact and has therefore made an emergency plan that would help the restaurant operate during crisis. For low risk issues like water damage to a device of the server, the other two are usable till it is repaired by the software provider. In case the system completely collapses, they immediately approach the POS software provider for help. It is unfortunate that support personnel take a day to analyze the problem because of which, operations can halt and business can stop temporarily. Because of this, the only option the Favorite Greek restaurant has is to rung in orders and use the old fashioned way to tally the expenses. Expenses and receipts are necessarily recorded by hand till the problem is fixed by the POS provider. Advantages: Using POS software is advantages in numerous ways.

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