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Write 7 page essay on the topic Asian Human Right Records And Western Criticism.

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It describes the human rights record of United States and Western Community as whole and their role towards peace, security and human rights.

Asia is a country of splendid ancestry of philosophies and customs based on people. There has been great effort and progress from Asian countries towards the transformation of its policies with a pace even faster than the Western countries. The factor that hinders this progress is not the culture itself but it is the rulers and key players who abstain from such a progress. The point here is that it is not culture but democracy that sets the nation’s fate (Kim Dae-jung, 1994)

It is not true to say that the Asian countries lack humanitarian activities through and through. Such a perception about Asia is publicised all over the world by western media and authorities and people sometimes fail to see the real picture behind the scene. Most of the world’s population inhabit in Asia. The condemnation of such a land covered by huge population from different origins, colors and creed entirely on the basis of human rights even before realising the real truth is not at all just.

For much elaboration of this point, according to Sen Amartya (1994), every nation and society bears a right of personal independence for its people. Every country has a right to think and make arrangements to provide its people with basic human rights without any intrusions from the outsiders or externals. Although it is sometimes right for an outsider to object on a severe disrespect of human right by a state but it not at all just to keep on pinpointing the others’ mistakes while thoroughly overlooking its own wrong doings that continuously hamper the way to the achievement of a peaceful global village.

The distinction pertaining to traditions and norms does exist between Asian and Western countries but according to Weil Robert (1994) the major problem today’s world faces is the problem of setting dual-criterion for West and Asia. If we consider the practices of United States itself, as claiming to be the greatest advocator of peace and human rights for everyone in this world, we would see that it has itself been disregarding the concept of human rights and been creating and backing the severe disrupters of human rights. The examples could be the Guatemalan military regime, Tiananmen, Panama City, Tibet, Puerto Rico and above all constant refusal to abide by the global international standards for implementation of world peace and security. One could also illustrate the event when the United States itself rejected and denied the World Court judgment to play a role in the reconstruction of Nicaragua, the time of police coercion, the incidence of Rodney King tortured on TV and the occurrence of a series of devastating circumstances as the aftermath of the event, the political agitations in United States. A short list for the United States would have to include Leonard Peltier, Puerto Rican incidence, and the black prey of cointelpro imprisoned, murdered, or forced to exile, the case of prison labor and it has even been reported in China by the press that the US government has enhanced its existing exports of goods manufactured by the prisoners. United States itself conceals its acts of disregard to human rights under the mask of world peace regulator.

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