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Hypothesis: This project is based on the hypothesis that intervention is required to check the trend of obesity in Arab countries and physical exercise is the best tool to reduce its prevalence. The hypothesis is structured on the assumption that the new project would be beneficial to the people in countries like Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Besides, due to the high demand expected for such a service, the project will be highly feasible. Background Information – Literature Review: The project is based on a health service that envisages physical fitness and training centers in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Physical exercise and fitness is very crucial in avoiding various healthcare issues including obesity. Diabetes, Obesity, and CHD are very common amongst the population this peninsula (Al-Nuaim, 1997). Physical activity of the people has significantly been reduced with the availability of housemaids, television, private cars and various sophisticated home appliances (Alwan 1993). Fast foods contain large amounts of fats such as in items like fried chicken, hamburgers, french-fries etc and these have become very popular in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon (Amine and Al-Awadi 1990). Lack of exercise also contributes to the prevalence of obesity and such healthcare problems. The rapid economic growth has produced considerable alterations in socioeconomic lifestyle and status. The sedentary lifestyle ultimately results in larger accumulation of body fat in the individuals. (C. J. Caspersen, K. E. Powell, and G, 1985). Jordan is one of the newest countries in the Middle East with a total of 6million inhabitants. Population of the Adolescents (10-24 years) represents 1/3rd of the Jordanian population or just above 1.5 million persons. (Department of Statistics [Jordan]. 2009Amman, Jordan) According to the Behavioral Risk Factor Survey for Jordan, almost 50% of Jordanian adults, reportedly, are not in the habit of engaging in physical activities and 81% of them are supposed to have a low intake level of fruits and vegetables (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2004). In another survey that was conducted in Jordan, 14.3% of Jordanian adolescents people aged 13-15 years were found to be at the top in the list of becoming overweight, and also 83% of them participated in inadequate physical activities, and only 14.3% of them were reported to be physically energetic (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2007). These challenges also impact the Jordanian lifestyle and health and also increase the risk of various diseases. Syria also confronts various healthcare issues in the present scenario. “As the quasi- independent Syrian government took an increasing amount of decision-making power from the French authorities, the notions of connections between strong male bodies and a strong nation that had percolated throughout the decade became institutionalized as part of government policy” (Dolbee, pg.2). Regular exercise helps to reduce the risk of developing various kinds of diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, type 2 diabetes as well as certain types of cancer. Besides, such physical activities drastically reduce the risk of heart attacks. It is significant that physical activity be defined prior to examining its status among Syrian children and adolescents (Caspersen C 1985).

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