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Management Practices in Coca Cola Coca-Cola is considered as one the biggest beverage companies operating in almost 200 nations. To operate in the international markets, it requires appropriate management practices in every level of the company (SAP AG, 2001). Planning Planning is the preliminary stage of any task whether it is production or launching of a new product. It is necessary for a company to plan what should be done and without proper planning, the business objectives cannot be achieved. In case of Coca-Cola, the planning stage involves development of overall strategy by keeping in mind the mission and the objectives of the company. The planning in Coca-Cola includes mapping out how precisely the company can accomplish a particular objective. One of the most significant objectives of Coca-Cola with respect to human resources is succession planning which refers to the identification, evaluation and improvement of internal employees in order to achieve a single objective i.e. prepare appropriate people for the senior management position. The succession planning procedure in Coca-Cola comprises outlining the condition of the employees and planning for management steadiness in the incident of employee turnover or departure. Similarly, the other significant objective of Coca-Cola with respect to business is marketing planning. The marketing planning is conducted in order to raise the sales of its products. The marketing planning of Coca-Cola consists of activities such as assessing the marketing environment, making competitors’ analysis, decide upon suitable and attractive advertisements, inventory planning, planning the sales staff and planning the marketing mix elements (Curd, n.d.). Leading A manager in an organization is required to lead the employee towards the planned activities in order to accomplish the organizational objectives. The leading stage in any business involves aspects such as motivating, communicating, managing and inspiring employees towards higher performance. It necessitates managers to train, assist and solve any issue of the employees while performing tasks. Leading requires the capability to establish value for the company towards the employees (Plunkett, Attner &amp. Allen, 2011). Leading in any organization is demarcated as the procedure of motivating people so that they can contribute their best effort towards the organizational as well as team objectives. Leading managers can help employees so that they can easily fulfill their own desires and use their potential while performing tasks (Ng, 2011). Coca-Cola practices the leading function of management by providing training, on-the-job learning, and coaching to the employees. The objective of leading the workforces is to ensure that employees are provided with all necessary assistance they require for performing effectively in the company. Coca-Cola believes that the success of the company relies on the encouraged and dedicated employees. For this reason, the company provides reward to the employees. Coca-Cola offers competitive compensation and other fringe benefits in order to attract and retain the most capable employees. It helps to drive the business forward. Coca-Cola assumes the training and development activities quite seriously, as it is a part of leading the people in the organization.

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