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Children are not known to exhibit the same symptoms as adults while in this condition. According to Wiley (2005), diagnosing mood disorders among children can be hard since children are unable to communicate how they feel for the doctor to prescribe the right diagnosis. Presently, researchers and clinicians believe that, in children and adults, mood disorders are considered, mainly, under-diagnosed illnesses related to mental health. Mood disorders are known to persist long enough even after the diagnosis of the problem. This causes the individual to be vulnerable to other conditions related to mental health, later in life.

At present, researchers and clinicians have been unable to identify the causes of mood disorders among children and adults. However, Ghaemi (2008) observes that it is known that a certain chemical in the brain known as endorphins, are entirely accountable for positive moods. The human brain contains other chemicals that regulate endorphins. These chemicals are referred to as neurotransmitters. Researchers argue that depression and other mood disorders are most likely, a result of chemical imbalance in the human brain (Wiley, 2005). When a person is faced by events that have depressing issues, the brains resistance to accept the reality can contribute to the chemical imbalance, resulting in mood disorder.

Clinicians have recorded a rising trend within families, citing a form of inheritance in mood disorders. This is termed as multi-factorial inheritance, where many factors within the family are involved.

, or responsible for the disorder (Ghaemi, 2008). Certain traits within the family are genetically transmitted within family members. These conditions are factored by either a genetic inheritance or environmental pre-conditions surrounding the individual. However, because of the way every gender expresses the mental condition one gender is expected to show signs of mood disorder over the other. This differing threshold of expression within opposite genders posses a great challenge during diagnosis, where expression is vital to know exactly how to diagnose the condition. Depression Disorder Depression disorder is the most familiar mood disorder in clinical cases. This disorder mostly goes unnoticed until in its acute stage, where the patient exhibits major signs of hopelessness, disturbed sleep, major changes in eating habits, extreme tiredness, and in extreme cases, thoughts of death or suicide. Ghaemi (2008) asserts that depression disorder is prevalent in clinical care practice, where it is often unnoticed. When these depression disorders go unnoticed, they tend to slow physical recovery of the patient, in case of an illness. Any diagnosis to the physical illness may be slowed down if the depression disorder is never recognized. It is strictly recommended that all doctors should be able to detect and analyze the conditions. Once these conditions are detected, they should be treated, and for those requiring specialist care be given full attention. Clinical professions rate depression as more intense than a normal feeling of occasional sadness. In normal life situations, people may feel sad out of various happenings in life.

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