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Again, the core needs of the public and the society at large becomes a major factor that influences decision at all school administrative meetings. For example once the call by the public for a morally upright generation keeps going high, the school’s decision on curriculum becomes affected whereby they begin to put in place more subjects and programs that are directed at improving the moral fiber of students (Kowalski, 2007). 2. What is a command center and where should it be located? In a typical school environment, it is important that there exists a central point where all critical information will be channeled to all to whom such information may concern. For instance in the event of a disaster whereby students and staff must run for their lives, it is important that there will be only one central point where command will be issued from. Such a centralized point where commands are issued is what Kowalski (2007) refers to a command center. In explaining where the command center ought to be located, it is important to point out that at all point in time, the command center must be centralized. This means that it should be operated by only one identified outfit. This is important so that in the event of responding to crisis, there will not be inconsistency with commands that are given. Based on this, it is important to point out that the command center must be located in the office of the safety officer, who must be a trained specialist to interpret and attend to crisis. 3. Detail information first responders should receive prior to any crisis. First responders are presumably people who are not very familiar with how to conduct themselves in the event of any major crisis. For this reason, it is very important that the kind of information that is given to them in the event of a crisis become one that is very precise and in-depth. Without this, it is possible that these first responders would not know the right actions to take with reference to the information they receive. Regarding the precision of the information, it is important that the first respondent be made aware of the kind of crisis that is at hand. The first respondent must also know the scope of risk involved in the crisis. More importantly, the information must clearly state out the rescue or safety processes. Prior to any crisis, there is the tendency that the emotions of respondents will raise. Some of these emotions will be characterized with fear and panic. It is therefore important also that the information given to first respondents become one that will take into consideration the psychological wellness of the respondents. 4. Respond appropriately to the following “Difficult Questions” as the school’s principal: a. Do you think the parents are being unreasonable? No b. What is your personal opinion? They are only expressing their concern and sometimes ignorance towards the welfare of their wards. c. Why do you think the superintendent decided to do that? The superintendent was only trying to make the stipulated regulations work while ensuring that major protocols and bureaucracies surrounding the response to crisis were not broken. d.

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