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The two main functions of Public Relations are Organizational and Societal. The scope of Organizational Public Relations covers all the internal processes. This is the representation of the company in relation to specific groups or other organizations. This is directed to both internal and external groups. An example of an internal group is the employee base of the company and one example of an external group is the media. With Organizational Public Relations, the focus is on knowing and addressing the needs of the company or the issues in the organization itself and relating this to how other organizations outside the company affect these needs and how they can contribute to the resolving of issues or problems. Societal functions of Public Relations on the other hand, deal with external processes or how the company reaches out to society. This includes activities or strategies directed towards the public with the intention of addressing their needs and interests. The societal functions have intentions of both serving the objectives of the company and getting information from the public regarding their needs and concerns so these matters may be properly attended to. I have cited two specific functions each for both organizational and societal public relations.

A. Organizational

1. Employee Relations

This is part of the organizational function of Public Relations as the purpose of this strategy is to maintain a healthy employee-employer relationship with the aim of improving productivity, increasing morale and providing motivation (Employee Relations, 2001). Information is given to the employees regarding the goals, objectives and the current status or performance of the company. It is also a venue for the airing of grievances or concerns. It is usually done through internal communications like company newsletters or briefings, dialogues, recognition programs and other company events.

2. Media Relations

The media has been the main instrument for Public Relations campaigns or programs. It is the means by which information which the organization needs and wants to convey to the public, is disseminated. Media Relations is establishing an affiliation with the media by consistently responding to them and reaching out to them. Public Relations, in this aspect acts as a representation of the company to the media. Media relations is part of the organizational function because it addresses the objectives of the company by establishing close cooperation with another group or entity which is very instrumental to the achievement of the company’s goals.

B. Societal

1. Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications provides means to send messages across markets or to a specific market. Its focus is on the products and services of the company and is mainly concerned with the increase in demand and proper positioning of the products and services (Marketing Communications). The tasks involved in Marketing Communications include promotion, advertising, publicity, branding and packaging among others.

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