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The river Congo, its dark basin and the savages who live in the heart of the Dark Continent do play an important role in the development of the plot of the novel supporting the title and making it compatible with the theme of the novel as well. Moreover, the picturesque narrative of the novel gives a vivid description of the wildlife within the dense impenetrable jungle from the perspective of a white man or a man from civilization and his trajectory into the wild and dark land. This facet bestows Marlow an apparition that sailing into the land of darkness gives him a feeling that he is sailing back to the beginning of civilization. It also stands well for the name of the novel, “Heart of Darkness”. The imperative horror, the impending mystery and the foreboding captivated throughout the atmosphere of the novel suggest the appropriateness of the name and justifies its significance as, “Heart of Darkness” (Conrad 1-131). Also, metaphorically the title has other dimensions as well. The evil or the seat of evil within a man is essentially related to his heart literally. Consequently, the novel, “Heart of Darkness” presents a story where within a heart of a man lays the dark instincts and pursuits of ambitions which have the power to eclipse the brighter side of the world. Thus, in this respect as well the title of the novel is befitting and very much symbolic in nature. (g) Education is a mirror to a brighter world. Any sort of educations sublimes the mind and breaks the shackles of ignorance for a better living and a better world. Nonetheless, colonial education, as many of the colonial texts envisages, was a matrix upon which the education for subjugation, a way for creating a paradigm of exploitation and a construction for the realm of mental confusion where the development for the underdevelopment of the colonized are being prepared. In Mongo Beti’s ‘‘Mission to Kala”, one can find that the education of Medza makes him a privileged entity in the political and economic functionary and system within the colonial set up which is manifesting to curb the voice of his own people to mobilize against the colonial empire. Therefore, in simple words, it can be summed up that colonial education in Africa as being symbolized in the text “Mission to Kala”, indicates a development of an elite black who is successful in carrying forth the colonial agenda of politics and economy in the era of post-independence as well. The education in colonial Africa serves as a metaphor of creating educated black elites and military dictators in the post-independence era. Moreover, the colonial education in Africa created a class which actually alienated them from the society where they were living and growing over the years. Medza’s ideal is America and he is not able to take any kind of decision when it comes to any problem to cope up in his society. Neither does he have any vision about African society or culture. Colonial education in Africa did produce good students who were able to serve imperial regime. However, they were being dissipated from their roots, people and culture owing to being incapable to comprehend or serve their own nation or society at all (Nnolim 1-125).

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