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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Huckleberry Finn vs. Juggar Singh. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

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None of them depict a political figure but rather they are just ordinary people with extraordinary skills. Both share some similarities, differences and impact in the overall plot of the novel in a distinctly, unique fashion. The theme around which “The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn” revolves is civil war between New England and the Old. It is set in Illinois during the pre-war times. Huck is a thirteen year old boy coming from a poor background and Widow Douglas and Miss Watson decide to civilize him. He is not only credulous but also susceptible, insightful, diligent, empathetic, evenhanded, rational, audacious, smart and blase all at once. The fact that he is superstitious is revealed in the very first chapter when he accidentally kills a spider and suddenly fears that this act will bring bad luck in his life (Twain 1977). Secondly, when he makes the mistake of spilling the salt at Widow’s place, he wants to throw it over his shoulder to ward off bad omen but he is stopped by the Widow herself. Later when he meets Jim, both share a series of superstition based on their experience and what they had heard. Huck is also gullible since he is so young. When he tries to flee the ladies’ attempt to civilize him, he meets Tom who offers him to become a part of his gang of robbers provided he goes back home. This also makes him adventurous since he is easily convinced that the gang of robbers will be an exciting company to be with. Despite of the lack of education, Huck is also shrewd and extremely rational (Twain 1977). This allows him to keep pace with Tom’s adventures. The intelligence of Huck is evident through his schemes of getting rid of his abusive father who had literally kept him locked in his place like a kidnapper. His master plan to escape is very grand and involves his own death. He makes the scene look like a murder and in his fathers’ absence, loads the canoe he finds floating in the river with supplies. He does not stop here. He kills a wild hog and plucks his own hair so that it looks like a crime scene where he was killed and dragged into the river. His industrious nature enables him to recognize the worth of any object he comes across such as a piece of driftwood in the river, and plans to sell and make money from it (Twain 1977). During his travel with Jim he continues to collect such items, hoping that one day he will possess a lot of money. Juggat Singh of “Train to Pakistan” is considered to be a local thief of the village Mano Majra located at the border of India and Pakistan in the novel. The story unfolds as the narrator recalls an incident that took place in the village which changes Juggat’s lifee forever. He is arrested by the police for murdering the village’s money lender Ram Lal. Ram Lal was actually murdered by Malli, a neighboring village’s dacoit. Juggat is in love with a Muslim girl named Nooran. Juggat’s bravery is revealed to the people of village when he attempts to save the lives of many people including Nooran’s. The village, which was once a peaceful place, becomes a place of rebellion and hatred.

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