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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Cross cultural communication and internal communication improvement in the oil and gas industry (ADNOC).

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This is because they could be having ethnic and cultural differences. There has been extensive discussion about the significance of poor internal communication together with cross – cultural communication towards the inability of companies to realize positive performance. The comprehension of cross – cultural and internal communication is crucial to the realization of organizational competitiveness. It has been observed that communication challenges within organizations have made it difficult to manage and screen threats the performance. As workplaces increasingly become global, there is the need to ensure effective cross – cultural communication as well as maintaining internal communication excellence. Companies must comprehend how to pass information to their workers and clients in order to meet the organizations goals and aspirations. The Oil and Gas Industry is one such global workplaces where there is the need to have excellent communication both internally and across other cultural groups. It is notable that the gas and oil company (ADNOC) is experiencing challenges in its internal and cross-cultural communication, which has affected performance in the exploration and production section of the corporation. In order to rectify this challenge, there is a need to commission research to help understand how internal and cross-cultural communication can be improved. …

The research methodology shall entail both quantitative and qualitative exploration strategies such as group observations, scheduling and conducting interviews, and carrying out surveys to complete data gathering. Literature Review Cross – cultural communication entails that which takes place between people who necessarily have differing cultural perspectives. These differences might include a range of issues from nationality, age difference, and gender difference among others in the same workplace (Guffey &amp. Almonte, 2009). Cross-cultural communication&nbsp.also connotes the capability to effectively form, foster, and develop relationships with people of a background different from one’s own (Stringer &amp. Cassidy, 2009). This is founded on the knowledge of several issues including values in other cultures, perceptions, behaviours, social class, decision making strategies, and a comprehension of how people belonging to a certain group convey message orally, non verbally, through documentation, and in diverse business and common contexts (Stringer &amp. Cassidy, 2009).. Previously, authors and communication specialists have studied cross – cultural communication as well as internal communication under organizational contexts. The focus of such studies has been to attempt to develop a comprehension on how differences among people might affect the way they interact or fail to while with others (Stringer &amp. Cassidy, 2009). The notion that some individuals in the course of their life adapt to one cultural orientation may present massive challenges whenever they meet people from other differing cultures.

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