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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Comparing and Contrasting Two Short Stories.

Black Long Song by Richard Wright is a tragic story violent in nature that narrates a meltdown of a married couple followed by a sudden death of a strong Afro-American character. At the same time, the story also embraces the affinity of the author for the basic Marxist ideologies that were greatly incorporated into the 20th century racial relationships, especially in the South. Thesis Statement The Gilded Six-Bits and Black Long Song are primarily the stories of marital infidelity. But this mundane fact about the stories does not culminate the conclusion. The stories have distinct outcomes culminated from different socio-economic backdrop. The essay intends to examine and explore the differences against which the stories were woven to meet their distinguished predicaments. Comparison of the Backdrop that Makes a Pertinent Distinction Before delving deep into the fact that both the stories The Gilded Six-Bits and The Long Black Song are very straightforward narrations of Afro-American culture and intricacies of human relationships that meet some different conclusion, it is better to understand the social context of the stories against which they have been framed. …

ter lies in the fact that each story differently and with its respective unique ways met its finale with different intentions and motifs of the writers very pertinently. In The Gilded Sic-Bits, the economy plays a vital role in manipulating the man – woman relationship or rather at a greater realm that of any relationship, “She heard men’s voices in the distance and glanced at the dollar clock on the dresser. Humph! Ah’m way behind time t’day! Joe gointer be heah ‘fore Ah git mah clothes on if Ah don’t make haste” (Hurtson, Z. N. “The Gilded Six-Bits”). On the other hand in the story Long Black Song, the image of an African-American woman was that of an iconoclast. Since ages, the images of Negro women in the history of American literature have been either of a working class or of a seductive slave. But at the heart of this seductress, lies a very strong and powerful self restrained image that holds and nurtures her family with less resources compared to the white woman who was paved in the short story by Wright. Sarah is married to Silas and therefore the problem Sarah is facing ought to be best understood by Silas. But here the African American notion of a man evolves out distinctly that provides a justification to the external dependence of Sarah and indicates her strong ego and existence geared by power play operating quite distinctively in this story. On the other hand, Silas considers his wife to be a piece of property by the virtue of African institution of slavery and does not tolerate a bit of intrusion in his property. The man-woman relationship is very critical and the stories, “Long Black Song” and “The Gilded-Six Bits” present it in a very subtle way.

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