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However, because of the lack of initiatives of the Congress to control tuition fee spikes, students are forced not to assume to attain college degrees by simply thinking about the financial aid coming from the federal government and hoping for good luck. Students are forced to work hard if they don’t have enough money to support themselves in college paying for high tuition fees, and realize they have the capability to act on it. After all, college education is an essential tool for attaining the needed ways of getting success in the future careers. College education truly aids an individual to attain success (Rye 4).

Being successful in college implies having the need to obtain the critical tools and skills that will lead to earning a degree. However, the Congress simply cannot interfere as to how the tuition fees are being laid down among private and prestigious universities and colleges in the country. Normally, the tools essential in college success are enough knowledge, skills and proper mentality, all of which can be obtained by being a part-time worker and student. These tools can be successfully merged with college education.

College education gives an individual with particular knowledge on the subject in which the individual wishes to do his part. College education allows an individual to obtain knowledge and skills to analyze data critical in the pursuit of success objectives and in making right choices. College education, through the various stages of learning, includes the development of proper attitudes or the establishment of the appropriate behavior to attain success. However, because bright but impoverished students cannot afford to pay high tuition fees of top colleges and universities, they are forced to become part-time workers / students. Part-time workers and students, because of their hard luck lives, are able to develop optimism towards their capabilities to attain their objectives from attaining information and skills to evaluate skills and deficiencies in attaining the objectives. Part-time workers and students learn to maximize strengths and to evaluate deficiencies in order that the opportunity of attaining an objective in college grows (McPherson 6).

The emergence of part-time workers / students all over the country is the direct result of the Congress’ inability to control the tuition fee spikes. A part-time worker and student rarely would save up for unnecessary luxuries while still in college which include big apartments, luxury cars, jewelries and other expensive things (Wilkinson 5). Therefore, by instilling responsibility and discipline in these students because no one, not even the Congress, will help them pay for their tuition fees but themselves in whatever they want to attain in college is definitely a positive attitude to inculcate in their minds.

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