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Write a 13 page essay on In the light of this comment, consider the legal and political relationship between the EU and NATO.

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This may outdate the need for NATO as an alliance, rather a straight-forward agreement between North America and the EU as a whole. Therefore the first section will illustrate and examine the security problems and how they cause problems for the EU to fight organized crime and terrorism, asking whether NATO is outdated. The second section will then deal with how the EU combats terrorism amd organized crime and considers whether it will ever be successful. Finally, this section will consider the problems that terrorism pose to the EU’s and whether its relationship with NATO is an integral part to security and intelligence considerations in this area and its importance of success. This joint NATO and EU effort was seen as a highly successful strategy in the fight against the Taliban by the freezing of Afghani bank accounts, also illegal workers have been stopped by the EU Directive governing the ability to work, i.e. the need to show appropriate ID to show entitlement to work within the EU.2

The EU has seen increased problems with organized crime which comes from the opening of borders and promoting a union of states. This problem has intensified since the enlargement of the EU because a lot of the post-communist nations have had over 10 years to promote organized crime. In addition there is the added problems that the events of September 11th 2001 and have caused in respect to Islamic organized crime groups funding terrorist attacks. Therefore organized crime is no longer a domestic crime problem for the EU in respect to financial and service trafficking but is threatening the military security of the EU and the individual nations within. Therefore it is important that this section dealing with security focuses on the problems of enlargement, especially in respect to the Eastern European ascending nations and Cyprus which may cause instability in respect to Islamic terrorist and organized crime groups. This means that a secured security force and relations with NATO may be important in the area of intelligence and terrorist threats.3

Enlargement of the EU:

Enlargement of the EU is a mixed blessing, because on one hand it is helping to achieve a status of stability and cohesiveness throughout the region. On the other hand, there are concerns that in making the Union larger will in fact de-stabilize the region making it harder for the EU to ensure security and this increase the difficulties for the EU to fight crime, especially organized crime.4 This is due to prejudice of certain groups which would have free access in the region, one such group are the Roma Gypsy migrants from Slovakia. In the past few months the newspapers have displayed the concerns of the British public and politicians about these migrants when the nation joins the EU.

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