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However, the parliament made it clear through the enactment of the Declaratory Act of 1766, that it had the authority to tax the colonies (Bobrick 15). This paper is a critical evaluation of the economic factors, which pushed the colonies to rebel against Great Britain and demand for independence. Economic Factors that Led to the American War of Independence (1775-1783) The War of Independence, or the American Revolutionary War, is a war, which was fought between Great Britain and 13 American colonies between the years 1775 and 1783 (Greene 201). However, it may be important to note that France and Spain were also actively involved in the war as they provided military assistance to the Americans. When the British entered America long before the revolution, they settled in colonies, after which leaders were selected in every one of them as representatives of the British government in England. They were to ensure that the colonies provided sufficient raw materials to the industries abroad as well as market for the manufactured products. They were also supposed to ensure that the colonies remained loyal to the crown by collecting taxes on behalf of the British government (Alden 20). …

More so because the colonies did not have sufficient machinery and personnel to defend themselves from France and therefore, they needed the protection of their mother country, which was well equipped militarily. Secondly, the Anglo-French war was a highly costly affair and it hurt the British economy deeply (Bailyn 27). It is estimated that in North America, the British government spent approximately 4% of its total spending to protect the colonies from French invasion (Bailyn, 36). The colonials from North America also failed to fulfill their obligations during the war in terms of financial contribution and provision of personnel to engage in the war to defend their territories. Due to this, the British Government decided to come up with a strategy to cover the heavy losses and one way to do this was to increase revenues from the colonies. In 1763, the British government decided to halt the expansion of the colonies by creating borders, with an intention of preserving land belonging to the Indians (Alden 41). This move was meant to gain favor from the Indians so that they could become consumers of British manufactured goods thereby providing market, which was essential in promoting the economy. In order to achieve this objective, British soldiers were posted on the western lands and were charged with the mandate of expelling all the Americans who had settled there as well as prevent new settlement by the American colonials. Ironically, the soldiers were to be paid using taxes collected from the Americans (Bobrick 22).

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