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Write 8 page essay on the topic Disability Policy.

The religious model of disability was described according to the Biblical perspectives. Disabled people were viewed as sinners according to this model (Sandahl &amp. Auslander, 2005). The religious model embraced the aspects of sin, impurity, weakness, undesirability and sanctity as a cause of disability. The lame, crippled, dumb, mad, idiots and deaf were classified as people with disabilities. During this pre-industrial times, people with such disabilities lived with their families. In some instances, the disabled people were threatened because other people perceived them as monsters and unworthy of being human. Most people became homeless and displaced due to shame and poverty they were experiencing as a result of being neglected in the society (Drake, 1999). Religious leaders in the society responded to disabled people in various ways. They used ways such as rituals as a way of cleansing the disabled of their sins. As the years advanced, the medical model of disabled persons came up to challenge the rationality behind the religious model of disability. …

Impairment, disability and handicap are the distinct parts classifications of the medical model according to the World Health Organization. Impairment is defined as any form of abnormality or loss of a person’s anatomical structure. On the other hand, disability refers to the general lack of ability or restriction. This means it is the inability of disabled persons to perform activities that normal human beings are capable of doing. This disability is as a result of an individual’s impairments. Finally, handicap is any disadvantage a disabled person is entitled to. This condition normally arises from the combination of impairment and disability. It prevents an individual to fulfil a normal role (Brown et al, 2006). From these classifications, stigmatization can develop among the disabled persons leading to inequality and their exclusion in the society (Nielsen, 2012). The medical model of disabled people considers the emergence of the problem within one impaired person (University of Leicester, 2009). This model asserts that solutions to the person’s problems are solved by focussing on the person. A more advanced version of the medical model of disabled people considers other factors such as economic factors. This means that a disabled person’s work opportunities are determined by the economic climate of the government. Further, this model seeks to provide a solution to within the person by overcoming impairments hence increasing an individual’s chance of work. In essence, the medical model of disabled people assumes finding a cure is the first step way to solve an individual’s problem. This view cannot be applied considering the fact that disability can improved through treatment.

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