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This paper discusses the history of the United States and the meanings attached to the Independence Day.

On June 11 in the year 1976 a committee was appointed by congress to draft a declaration and the five committee members appointed included Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Robert Livingston, Thomas Jefferson and Roger Sherman who presented this draft to the congress on 28th of the same month.

Voting was undertaken on the first of July whereby each colony had a single vote, South Carolina and Pennsylvania voted against declaring independence, however the next day South Carolina reversed its decision. New York on the other hand did not vote because delegates lacked authority to vote, however authority was granted a week later, and therefore on July 2 the declaration for independence was passed however congress debated on the draft changing it and deleting some of its passages. On July 4 congress finished the wording and approved the Declaration of Independence and which is now celebrated as the Independence Day.

Majority have the view that on 4th July the united states declared its impendence from British rule, there are various meanings attached to this day including a day which the united states …

The following is an analysis of the happening on and before July 4 1976.


Many have the view that independence was achieved on the 4th of July, however the independence was achieved through a series of activities that led to the independence of the thirteen colonies in the united states. Many argue that on July 4 the United States declared independent but from the activities it is evident that colonies declared independent on the 2nd of July 1976. From history it is evident that there was a draft declaration of independence prepared by a committee selected by congress on the 28th of June.

The draft declaration was tabled in parliament on the first of July, on this day a few states including South Carolina and Pennsylvania rejected the declaration while New York did not have the authority to vote. On the second of July voting was undertaken and South Carolina reversed its decision and there were a total of twelve votes that accepted the declaration and New York did not participate in the voting.

For this reason therefore it is evident that the declaration of independence by colonized states was done on the 2nd of July where 12 states denounced colonial rule and declared independent from British rule. In the next two days congress edited the declaration deleting some of the contents of the draft including slavery and slave trade, the revised copy was made public on the 4th of July although many states and army commanders received the document days after.

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