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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Assignment 5:the issue of traffic safety in Oman. It needs to be at least 1000 words.

laborates in maintaining traffic safety through the Global Road Safety Advocacy Movement, which aims at curbing the epidemic of traffic accidents by creating global awareness of the issue of road safety. Oman is part of the global initiative to resolve the issue of traffic danger. Governments adopt various types of policy instruments when looking to facing out a particular social problem.

In the Oman scenario, a policy analyst might opt to propose a number of tools that will be effective in dealing with the issue of traffic safety in the nation. These policy instruments, which will be discussed in this paper, aim at mitigating traffic issues by finding long lasting solutions. These policy instruments are essentially regulatory instruments, economic instruments and information instruments otherwise referred to as sticks, carrots and sermons.

Regulation instruments are measures put in place by the government or governmental agencies to push people to behave according to set rules and directives (Bemelmans-Videc, Rist and Vedung, p. 10). Directives such as establishing soft laws would be highly beneficial in dealing with the issue of traffic safety. Soft laws refer to codes of conduct that guard people’s behavior. The government can also adopt instructional materials, guidelines, as well as resolutions to stabilize and maintain traffic safety in Oman. When focusing on regulation instruments, the government can adopt measures such as imposing punishments like detention and fines to those that infringe set regulations. Soft laws as earlier cited would offer a suitable platform to deal with the social issue of traffic safety. The government can set up suitable non-binding measures such as establishing and implementing policy documents on traffic safety, as well as White Papers on transport issues to govern the transport sector. The white papers will set road safety targets and objectives for each year and monitor the progress and report on setbacks and improvement

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