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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Question is how can knowledge management improve Electronic government in arabic countries:.

As a consequence, governments all over the world have made substantial attempts to ensure their services as well as information is accessible through the internet (Ryan et. al., 2012). Various electronic government programs have been started with the aim of enhancing the efficacy and usefulness of the operations of the internal government, transactions with citizens and companies and communications with the citizens. By 1995, there were one hundred and forty-two websites run by governments and in 1998, they had risen to more than two thousand five hundred.

The aspect of electronic government has been growing and is continually enhancing the delivery of public services and this has been drawing attention to this area in terms of studies and research. Nonetheless, academic researchers along with governments have sought to understand issues of low adoption of electronic governments as well as other common issues in both developing and developed nations but have not considered whether knowledge management can improve e-government in their nations, especially Arab countries. It is this lack of research that informs this study that will seek to answer some questions after the research is completed, including:

It is important to note that the adoption of e-government, unlike majority of the IT adoption in other sectors, is on voluntary basis and takes place mostly in difficult environment (Alhujran, 2009). Additionally, after adoption, the citizens who are targeted by the e-governments platforms have not utilized the services that the governments are ensuring are accessible to them (Gilbert, Balestrini & Littleboy, 2004). This has time and again resulted in governments and academic researcher seeking other aspects that will enhance how e-governments operate especially in the Arab nations. Therefore, this study will seek to identify the various ways through which knowledge management can be used to improve e-governments in various Arab nations.

This research will

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