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For one to understand human services interactions in terms of macro systems communities and organizations there should be an initial understanding of the concept of personal, interpersonal, and political empowerment. Personal empowerment can be referred to as an individual’s ability to have an effect on events and the people in their environment.

Personal empowerment is usually enhanced with an individual’s ability to comprehend their current position and exactly where they are headed to (Van, Keefe &Besthorn, 2007). Personal empowerment is also characterized by an individual’s flexibility and their ability to change in accordance to their environment.

Interpersonal empowerment is always used with reference to an individual’s ability to work collaboratively with other people to effectively implement plans that are put in place for them to implement. This is always characterized by the existence of interpersonal skills. A person who is interpersonally empowered can, therefore, be said to be someone who can effectively function as part of a team.

Political empowerment occurs when the government offers help to communities and institution with the aim of making their lives less challenging. It also occurs when the government allows communities and organizations to have political participation in political issues that have either direct or indirect influence on their existence (Kirst-Ashman, 2008). Politicalempowerment enables the public to make sure that they are able to influence political decision making in the best way possible.

An individual can always involve themselves in multiple systems at a working environment. These systems include: micro, mezzo, and macro systems. At the micro level and individual usually focuses on having personal interactions with their clients individually or with a family member or spouse. Interventions at this level can include an individual interacting with the client in a number of occasions.

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