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In many settings, the growth of the society was only beneficial to those who could understand the position of the society when dealing with issues that matter. The only way of benefiting any society is if a company can understand its wants and offer the right product to deal with the issues in place. The contemporary issues dealt with at all levels of management aim at showing the weaknesses and avenues of gaining strength. This report will explore these issues in Apple Inc and create an analysis of issues taking place after examining a wide berth of literature on the topic.

An important thing that managers appreciate is the fact that historical perceptions of theory work towards meeting the growing needs of the management processes across the world. The early management pioneers needed to show the world that respect and dignity were essential only if they implemented what was ideal for the employees provided they allowed people to enjoy the process as a whole. An examination of the classical, behavioural, and quantitative perspectives of managing employees within the workplace shows that things are changing in the workplace and reveal the important contemporary issues in the management perspectives chosen by modern-day multinational companies. The classical view sees performance as a means of achieving better results by using what is proven to work as a way of promoting productivity. The behavioural aspect examines the way employers treat their employees while at work. Many argue that the growth of any company has to deal with the increasing of productivity to match the intended performance levels. The quantitative approach looks at cumulative impacts of the processes used and their impact on productivity. The focus will be on understanding corporate management issues based on an examination of a single company.

The examination of contemporary management issues will be easily done by looking at one of the most renowned

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