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Compose a 500 words essay on Case-study of an unsuccessful social enterprise. Needs to be plagiarism free!

However, a majority of these people would say that it means achieving goals and objectives set in life. On the other hand, resources refer to the inputs to a business, be it tangible or intangible. These can be used as capital in a business for the purpose giving out output in the business.

Arsenal football club is a professional football club that was established in the late 1880’s, in England. Social enterprises, by definition, are businesses with social impacts to the society. Over the years, arsenal football has been able to produce exceptional football that fans love and enjoy watching. While it can be debated whether which is indispensable to a football club between winning trophies, and to entertain the fans, all we can say is that the two go alongside each other. Fans do not love to watch agricultural like football just because their team is winning them trophies (Pathak 2011). Additionally, the stakeholders would not be happy with the team if at all. the club would not be making money and playing fantastic football that people love to watch and go to the stadia week in, week out to watch.

As a business grows, so should its social impact and its income, in tandem. The reason for this is that the social impact is not derived from the business like a donation from every purchase but is inherent, ultimately, from the purpose of the business (Allan 2011). Social enterprises are not merely charitable organization. they are independent business ventures that have social responsibilities and meet them with no problem. These organizations have ways of generating income that are not donations. Arsenal football club has been a profitable venture ever since 2005 when it last won a trophy. However, some people may bicker that it is not profits that matter. but to a business, it matters. However, the business has also been fulfilling its social needs and demands.

Economic capital, as Van Eeghen and Klaassen say, is any asset, which creates,

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