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First, after the defeat of Austria, it was expected that Otto Von Bismarck would make some demands for some territory from Austria, but instead, Otto Von Bismarck adapted the illogical strategy of failing to make such demands3. Otto Von Bismarck had sought excuses to start a war with Austria, by arguing that they had violated the Convention of Gastein4. Consequently, he charged the Prussian troops to attack Austria, but on realizing that the Austria troops were equally strong, he forged an alliance with Italy which was interested in some of the Austria’s territory in Venetia. This made the Austria’s army to be divided between fighting the Prussian troops and the Italian troops, thus losing the war. It is this illogical move that eventually resulted to the unification of Germany, through the unification of the German States, to combine forces in the Austro-Prussian War5. This is because, with the exclusion of Austria from Germany, then it was possible for Prussia to dominate the German politics6.

The other RealPolitik strategy applied by Otto Von Bismarck to achieve the unification of Germany was that of sustaining an enemy outlook with France. Otto Von Bismarck provoked France though trying to impose a German prince on the Spanish throne7. After the defeat of Austria, France perceived a united Germany as a major threat to the power politics in Europe, and thus made several attempts to unite with other territories such as Belgium and Luxemburg8. During such attempts, Otto Von Bismarck kept France advanced to the intrigues, but France did not win any of the territories, making France to be perceived as greedy and aggressive. This strategy was meant to ensure that the German states would unite under the Prussian authority, so that they would be offered protection against the perceived aggression from France9. Seeking to ensure that France would be seen as the aggressor against Germany, Otto Von Bismarck

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