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Need an argumentative essay on Wrting a paper after reading a. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Liswood cautions against company’s use of this approach, as she believes it is the root cause of problems in companies with a diverse workforce. She instead advocates for diversity policies that seek to create a collective mindset by changing unconscious belief systems and attitudes that are specific to an individual. According to Liswood, unconscious beliefs and personal experiences molded by different contexts such as cultural backgrounds are at the core of diversity related problems. A collective mindset ensures that employees work towards achieving the company’s overall objectives in spite of their personal differences.

Based on the titles and sub-titles contained in the book’s chapters, it is easy to pinpoint the author’s major points of discussion. The first chapter titled “Beware of Noah’s Ark” tackles the misconception companies have towards the concept of diversity. For most, management tries to create a workplace filled with people from different demographic variables, for example, employees of different ages, religions, race, culture, socioeconomic backgrounds, and gender among others. Their ultimate goal is to get a representative sample of the existing population in order to avoid labels such as intolerant or prejudiced. In my opinion, this explains why companies include the phrase “equal opportunity employer” in their vacancy advertisements posted in different media platforms. The author discredits this approach, and instead lobbies for recruitment of employees that are cognitively diverse.

The second chapter titled “The Elephant and the Mouse” tackles the issue of dominant and non-dominant groups. In any given setting, both groups exist, and are likely to be a source of contentment or discontentment depending on the group a person belongs. More often than not, those within the dominant group

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