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Write 4 page essay on the topic Asterios Polyp.

He says that he is incomplete because he lacks the companionship of his twin brother. The lack in his life prompt him to act in strange behaviors. His realization that he had a twin brother worsen his life as he is bothered more than bring the chapter to a close. He says ‘would he have been just like me? Better than me, worse than me’ (Mazzucchelli). These things made him fell never satisfied with all the thing that he did. Moreover, in his analysis of duality, Asterios argues that in the beginning there were three gender. female, male and a combination of male and female. The split of the third gender borne a mirror of each and created a void that love certainly seek to fill. Asterios tries to understand why people separate and the motive behind love and search for completion (Mazzucchelli).

The use of narrative and visual images are so well connected in search for missing element in people’s life so as to find the pieces that will complete their lives. Through visual, the author uses the theme of unity, symmetry and geometry and explains why circumstances if life are of different shape and not a dichotomy of two symmetrical or parallel experience (Mazzucchelli). The difference of the way he represent the character is synonymous with diversity. Each character has his or her own font, color and the text bubble shapes. Furthermore, characters are demonstrated as representative of their character. Hana is such a beautiful women drawn in purples to represent adoration. On the other hand, Asterios has his head and body shaped like a machine and also in two dimension to show his views of the world. He is always questions the existence and judgment of other people. Asterios does not believe in other people’s opinions and have a counter argument for every statement made to him.

One of the most important thing that the author did when writing the Asterios Polyp is the use

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