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Write a 4 page essay on Article Analysis V.

Thus it is a matter of effective communication. This is easier done in the language and culture of the consumer. In other words, the company must acquaint itself with the language and culture of consumers in order to communicate with them. In this regards, the packaging of the item being marketed also plays an important role.

Standard packaging helps to create a brand identity. In the movie industry for example, dubbing is often done in local languages and this practice has improved in international studios.

Differences in language and culture “have a significant impact on the way a product may be used in a market, its brand name and the advertising campaign” (Bhushan) as McDonald’s learnt for example, when they failed to appreciate the social cultural dimensions of the market in India. This makes the market hard to break into. To illustrate the problem of language in another region, the sound of Coca-Cola for example, translates into Chinese as ‘A thirsty mouthful of candle wax’. To get round this, the product is known as ‘Kee Kou Keele’ in China, which means ‘Joyful tastes and happiness’.

Espoir Cosmetics is an international cosmetics company that wanted to create a new global branding initiative. Natasha Singh who is the executive vice president and global marketing officer of Espoir observes, “A global strategy will resonate in India in some cases, but I doubt if we will be able to do away with local marketing initiatives. It’s tough to overcome cultural differences.” Thus, she makes it clear that a brand identity must be created in the local region. And, this requires communicating in the language and culture of the region. In this way, the ‘packaging’ is properly targeted. But this is not without some difficulties.

The problem with a standard global strategy is that there is a tendency towards ‘overstandardization’ or ‘oversimplification’, which also

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