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Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Lack of Money.

In fact, it is money that drives the world at a rate so ever increasing. Indeed, without money, one cannot buy many products and services. Many laypeople feel that money is a necessary evil, and it is indeed considering that the lack of it makes life practically unbearable. On the other hand, money is one substance that motivates most of human activities and interactions including scientific research,

space exploration, technological advancements, politics and business, the list being practically inexhaustible as noted by Krugman and Wells (2009). This paper discusses the lack of money and its close association with poverty and crime. It will be assumed that generally, lack of money amounts to poverty.

One major problem that the world has ever so been grappling with since time immemorial is poverty. In the modern world, the lack of money can with reasonable confidence be summed as poverty or destitution. Absolute poverty is the condition that prevails when one cannot access basic human needs including education, clothing, food, clean water and shelter. On the other hand, relative poverty refers to the state of having less than acceptable level of money or resources as compared to other members of the society, country or community. Of the United States of America, Joseph Williams states that, “Today nearly 16 million Americans live in “deep or severe poverty”&nbsp.(Williams, 2007, par 1). Traditionally, poverty has been considered part and parcel of every society considering that ancient modes of production could not offer the whole population a comfortable life (Kerbo, 2006).

According to the United Nations, lack of money or poverty denies people the capacity to effectively participate in society. The organization also notes that lack of money predisposes individuals or/and communities to violence as they have to live in marginalized or fragile

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