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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Unit 3 Human service Policy Discussion.

It designed programs that increased the child care spending as well as the food ration for the elderly. The government are now focusing in creating citizenship that are independent by providing ways of creating employment rather than depending on the government support ( J. Soss et al, 2005).

However, the Obama administration did not mention anything to do with poverty because the feared attacks from the public. The government used all means possible to remove the attitude of people that the government must support poor people by giving them handouts. Many initiatives have been set up at the state and local levels to find mitigating measures of addressing poverty reduction. Up to twelve states in 2008 took the advantage of the global economic recession to set up poverty commissions and legislative caucuses to address poverty level (Congressional Budget Office). There are several future strategies that were put by the government to curb the rate of poverty increment and these included ways of finding a solution that could help stop the welfare debates especially in political campaigns and media, engaging the public in finding support for the needy, all the cash assistance policies should to be boosted so as to achieve more consistency towards work support as well as finding programs that the poor could be easily be integrated into. Establishment of more efficient and effective programs at the state and local levels by the government to help in assisting the poor, reinstituting the 2009 stimulus packages into effective ways of assisting the poor. In conclusion the government helps the poor by implementing the programs and policies that brings to an end the welfare programs. However, the poverty levels in North American and African countries have been on the higher levels for quiet along time (Jason DeParle,

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