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Write 5 page essay on the topic Ishmael.

The idea is to have the government forces the citizens into the idea of having no personal property until they are used to it, then the government can dissolve.

The problem that Ishmael is discussing is that people are trying to fix a system within a prison, but no matter what, being in that prison will prevent any perfection of any system.

This system that is being referred to is society. What is basically being argued throughout the book is that it does not matter how hard people attempt to fix the system, it will inevitably fail because it is still within the prison. More aptly put, society is the prison and the system at the same time that we are trying to fix. There are various reasons that we will be unable to fix society. The book defines two concepts which are important to understand why society cannot be fixed. The first is Takers, which refers to people of the heritage from the agricultural revolution. The second is Leavers, which refers to people who those of other non-Taker cultures, which might be referred to as primitive. The character Ishmael states that it is because Takers view themselves as being responsible and in charge of other species. Because Takers are not perfect, omnipotent beings, there is no way for them to be able to discern what should actually be done in regards to other species. This is basically why our society will not work, and the view put forward by the book is that society will continue to be ineffective to the point that it will wipe out the Takers, the very thing that it was supposed to have been set up to save in the first place. This is ultimately what the quote means.

To mention communism again, state-mandated redistribution of wealth is not going to work, according to Ishmael. It is simply an attempt to construct the system in such a way as to perfect the system, but of course as

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