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Write a 2 page essay on ADHD in Children.

Emily and John said that the school called for a conference eight months ago to discuss Carl’s behavior in class. Emily and John were in disbelief that anything was wrong because he never had issues reported before. Carl’s teacher reported that he was making careless mistakes on his school work. having difficulty keeping attention on tasks. and avoided doing work that required more than 3 minutes of thought. She reported to Emily and John that he was always losing his pencils and was very distracted. The teacher went on to tell Emily and John that Carl would fidget and appeared to have difficulty staying still. He also talked excessively in class which caused disruption to the other students. Carl would blurt out answers and had difficulty waiting his turn. Emily and John were shocked with this report and said that their son did appear to have a hard time staying on task and paying attention but they did not think it was this bad. The teacher then recommended that they take Carl to be evaluated for ADHD. Emily and John said they brought him to a child psychologist who diagnosed him with ADHD and told them that he was a “classical” case, but with the proper treatment he would be fine. The school also classified him with having ADHD and provide him with modified work assignments that are shorter in length and the school provides him with space to go to when he is feeling overwhelmed to calm down.

Emily and John said that they did not feel comfortable with medicating their son. but would continue to bring him to therapy to work on behavioral issues. As of the last session Carl had with the psychologist he has progressed with his ability to focus. Emily and John report that with a routine and organization he has been doing better. Emily and John use goals and rewards to encourage him to listen and complete tasks while at school and home.

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