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part 1

  1. Search the internet and find a site (e.g., from a government agency, private company, or non-governmental organization) which provides useful data or theories about a particular industry, product, or service. Give us the URL of that site and tell us what is the potential usefulness for consumer behavior?
  2. Go to a library (or search the internet) to find an article in a periodical related to a product or industry of interest to you. Was it more of a newspaper, magazine, newsletter, trade journal, or academic (scholarly) journal? What led you to that inference?

Minimum words is 250. Part 2

Pick a topic of interest to you (e.g., consumers in one geographical area, or one specific industry).

You are going to compare what you found in one reference work, one web site, and one journal article. Give URLs and complete bibliographical information. Where possible, provide the names of the authors and their backgrounds.

Describe what each of the sources provided in terms of quantity of relevant information, depth of analysis, objectivity, recency, etc.

Did any of these sources seem more oriented to promoting a product, industry or country rather than objectively describing and evaluating that topic?

Your assignment should be two pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman.

Part 3

Describe your experience in the library. What are some of the things that you experienced that made it difficult to get access to the reference works, books, or periodicals having the information and analysis you need?

Minimum words is 250.

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