The assessment of teachers in Saudi Arabia.

The assessment of teachers in Saudi Arabia.

* Research Proposal, Sections 1 and 2 – due October

The first draft of the research proposal paper will include: (a) an introduction to the topic and issue that will form the impetus for the study; (b) key background information and conceptual framework for the study; (c) a description of the problem (based on what is not already known on the broader problem or issue that frames the study) to focus the study; (d) a description of the purpose for the study (how the study will address the problem); (e) the research questions that will shape the research design; (f) the significance for the study (how the findings will be important and make a contribution to the field); (g) definitions, if needed.

Format for Full Research Proposal as Described in Assignments

  1. Introduction to the Study: 3 pages – A brief 1-3 sentences that let the reader know that this is a proposal for a qualitative study about…
    1. Overview of the study topic and issue – citations
    2. Key background information and concepts that frame the issue that this study addresses (i.e. the Conceptual Framework for the study) and – citations
  2. Focus of the Study: 4 pages
    1. The Problem which focuses this study (Summarize what is already known from previous research and how that creates a practical problem. Then, discuss the researchable problem derived from a current hole in the research literature on the practical problem) – citations
    2. The Purpose which guides the investigation (The way that this research will address the hole in the research, i.e. the researchable problem) – citations
    3. The Research Questions and how they address the researchable problem and purpose
    4. The Rationale for and the Significance of the Study (What new knowledge or understanding this study will yield and how that new knowledge/understanding might be important or useful) – citations
    5. Definition of Terms (if needed) – citations
  3. Review of the Literature and Conceptual Framework: 3-4 pages
    1. For this class, you will not develop the literature review; instead,
    2. For this section, you will use your conceptual framework (graphic) and to develop an outline of how you would construct a literature review that provides a scholarly “brief” for the study.
    3. You will also create a one-page introduction and overview of the literature review section to let the reader know what the literature review will accomplish and how it will be organized
  4. Methodology: 6-7 pages
    1. Research Design – the research tradition/methodology you will apply to the study design and why – citations from course readings
    2. Sampling, Subjects, Access, and Setting – a detailed description of your Sampling approach; process and criteria for selecting participants; methods for accessing and securing participants; and your plans for interacting with participants (setting, conditions, etc.) – citations from course readings
    3. Data Collection Methods, Procedures, and Instrumentation – the actual methods you will use to collect data; your data collection procedures, and the sequence of data collection activities you will use to carry out your research design – citations from course readings
    4. Data Analysis Processes and Procedures: What approach you will use to analyze the data and why; plus how you will apply that approach to your data – citations from course readings
    5. The Researcher (discuss your connection to this work, subjects, and/or setting if appropriate)
    6. Delimitations and Limitations – what are the factors inherent to your research design that will impose limitations – citations
  5. References: additional pages as needed
  6. Appendices (Addendums): additional pages as needed
    1. Interview, focus group, and/or other data collection protocols

Final Research Planning Table

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