Asian Americans (& Pacific Islanders) have been labeled and treated socially, politically, culturally and legally as “the perpetual foreigners.”

What role has “race,” “ethnicity,” and “pan-ethnicity” played in the lives of Asian Americans (and Pacific Islanders) and in perpetuating this notion that Asian Americans (and Pacific Islanders) are “perpetual foreigners.” Provide at least two historical instances and two legal cases that illustrate and concretize the perpetual foreigner status of Asian Americans (& Pacific Islanders). How have the assimilation and internal colonialism models helped to (or not helped to) explain how and why Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders’ “American-ness” (i.e. citizenship, legitimacy, etc.) have been questioned and challenged)? The questions, “Where are you from?” or “Wow! Why is your English so good? Where did you learn to speak English?” have a different meaning when asked, for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Elaborate on how the “perpetual foreigner” status and label inform and influence these kinds of questions being asked about APIs.

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