in avobe course
Creative Journals Entries (bring to each class)
Students will be required to provide a creative journal for their creative journal entries. The purpose of these entries is to practice creative thinking that connects to the content of the course. These entries will include brainstorming, sketching, researching, writing and other assignments to gain an in-depth understanding of thinking creatively and writing about art. Written assignments will include art/artist reflections, criticism, analysis and research-based summaries.

In-class Assignments (often completed in journal)
The content of this course will be analyzed, examined, and evaluated through periodic questions from the text, collaborative creative activities, and creative brainstorming.

Reading Assignments
Reading the assigned text before each class is mandatory. Periodically, In-Class Assignments and Creative Journals will link directly to the text.

Creative Projects
These are in-depth assignments designed to stimulate further development of creative thinking and practice and the use of research skills to connect course content with personal and artistic interests. Students will be required to spend time out of class to conceive and complete creative exercises. Students will gain first hand experience presenting and critiquing their own and their fellow student?s creative projects.

Interactive Lectures
The content of this course will be delivered using media enhanced and interactive presentations. This includes images, videos, recordings and readings.

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