The American West/The frontier in american history

For this research essay you will be personally discovering how historians disagree with each other in interpreting the causes and effects of several important events in US history. Each topic below consists of a pair of books. In your essay you will, in four to five pagesĀ¦four to five meaning at least four FULL pages and no MORE than fivecompare and contrast these two books. I want to see a basic summary of what each book argues, a review of their major disagreements, and an analysis of their importance to their subject.


Now, here comes the research part. In your bibliography you must have not only the two books you have chosen to review, but also AT LEAST three articles on your chosen works of history. Articles must be from peer-reviewed journals, for example The American Historical Review or The Journal of Southern History. They may not be from newspapers, magazines, textbooks, encyclopedias, or websites. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A SOURCE. Much as I, too, love Wikipedia, if you cite it in your paper, I will fail you. The Trident Tech library subscribes to several online databases of scholarly journals, which can be found on the library website and accessed either from a school computer or from off campus. JSTOR is the database you should use for this assignment unless you have a strong preference for another. Keep in mind that all databases do not focus on historical journals; Academic Search Premier is another decent one that you may use…..

The American West

Turner, Frederick Jackson. The Frontier in American History.

Ford, Lacy K. Frontier Democracy: The Turner Thesis Revisited` in The Journal of the Early Republic Vol 12 no 2 (Summer 1993), pp144-163.

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