Fall 2016
Survey of Women ?s Literature ‘ x
Final Essay
Reflect for a bit on the following quote: p 3?
?At a very early period she had apprehended instinctively the dual life ? that ?a
outward existence which conformS, thf inward life which questlons (Chopin 14). g
Select two of the novels we have read this semester, and compare and{or contrast their a3;
main female characters in light of the above quote. Be sure that your introductlon gag:
contains a clear thesis statement, and the names of the novels, authors, and characters you
will discuss.
This paper requires an original title that tells readers exactly what you will discuss.
r. Bad title Comparison and Contrast of Two Characters (restates asmgnment) ?if
p A bit better Comparison and Contrast of Jane Eyre and Jame Crawford 3M4. b-axu/ E
?3? Better still. The dual life: The path to self-discovery 3
3.; 7?53? in Jane Eyre and Their Eyes Were Watching God
3.;;,;;;:3, M – DM
Be sure to consider that each character?s story takes place in a larger context of SOCiaL f:
cultural, and economic issues as well as issues of gender, race, class, age, religion, sexual
orientation, and privilege. g
You would do well to return to the key terms and larger themes we set out to explore in
the beginning of the semester, and review class notes and your reading responses as well.
to use specific examples from the novels to make your points. g

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